- Beautiful Grooming and excellent service
Bath & Brush 
* nail trimming
* shave pads
* clean ears (pluck hair if needed)
* shave sanitary areas
* Hydro surge bath plus hand scrubbing bath
* Express anal glands
* fluff dry
* brush out

Full Service Grooming
* Everything in our Bath & brush service
* haircut (to your specification)

Add on services
* nail dremel (smoothing the nails by filing) $5
*Nail trimming (no dremel) $12
*Nail trimming & filing $17
*Medicated Bath $5 and up
*Aloe conditioning treatment $5 and up
* teeth brushing $5
* blueberry facial $3
* pad conditioning $3
* De-shed treatment $5 and up

Bath & brush service (small dogs 2 - 10 lbs) $27 and up 
Full service grooming start at (small dogs 2-10 lbs) $57 and up
 Prices will vary depending on size, coat, condition, and temperment .  Prices above are starting cost for small dogs.

We also groom cats!

All of our shampoo and conditioners are PH balanced because dogs have sensitive skin.

We use hydro surge bathing which is great for cleaning the skin.  

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