- Beautiful Grooming and excellent service
Bath & Brush 
* nail trimming
* shave pads
* clean ears (pluck hair if needed)
* shave sanitary areas
* Hydro surge bath plus hand scrubbing bath
* Express anal glands
* fluff dry
* brush out

Full Service Grooming
* Everything in our Bath & brush service
* haircut (to your specification)

Add on services
* nail dremel (smoothing the nails by filing) $5
*Nail trimming (no dremel) $10
*Medicated Bath $5 and up
*Aloe conditioning treatment $5 and up
* teeth brushing $5
* blueberry facial $3
* pad conditioning $3
* De-shed treatment $5 and up

Bath & brush service start at $27 and up
Full service grooming start at $55 and up
Add on services are $5.  large dogs costs more for our aloe treatment and de-shed due to the use of more product.

All of our shampoo and conditioners are PH balanced because dogs have sensitive skin.

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